M&M Diving Technology

M&M Diving Technology
Diving equipment factory
Sint Joostdijk 56

NL 4307AV Oosterland

Tel NL: +31 111 722027
e mail: mmdive@gmail.com

K.v.K Middelburg: 22037115

Vestigingsnr. 000015005151


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WELCOME TO M&M Diving Technology SPORTS

M&M Diving Technology was established in 1995 in Oosterland, Netherland and has grown to become one of the Europe leading suppliers and manufacturers of diving Tools.

All M&M Diving Technology products are available through our approved retailers, conveniently located throughout Europe and many other parts of the world. Should you require assistance and your local dealer is unable to help, please contact us directly. We are proud of the skills, knowledge and customer service that our experienced staff and dealers maintain. We look forward to hearing from you.